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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cameron Highlands 3D2N

At last, today I have some time to upload these photos. Talking about Cameron Highlands, I love the weather & it's greenery view. We had 3 days and 2 nights stay at Telekom apt. More exciting, when I was surrounded with my loved ones. Actually, this is our first time having family vacation; altogether 3 generations.

31st Aug : From KL, heading to Cameron Highlands via Simpang Pulai. Arrived at noon, checked in apt @ Tanah Rata, had lunch, set Friday prayer and then went to MARDI - tea plantation farm - night market.

01st Sep : Visited Sg Palas Boh tea farm - Butterfly farm - Rose Garden - Honey bee farm - Strawberry farm - night market.

02nd Sep : Went to Kea farm - Tringkap - HOME...

Cool & climate air, pleasant environment, vendure views, greenery, colourful flowers... It's unforgettable. Cameron Highlands created memories to A.B's family.


wardah said...

Awak nampak berisi la nul hehehe tp takpe, disamping suami dan anak!!

eEy said...

OMG,I just recognized that I look like Adrianna wen I was a baby!*toddles* akak, Adrianna is getting her new adik eh?smangat tgk akak skang..hehe.neways, aunty Eey and aunty Sheral will try to visit the baby after my exam is done on this 5oct.
to akak and baby,
much love,
Adrianna junior =p

Adzriel AB said...

luvvvvvvv these pictures

* ainul AB * said...


* ainul AB * said...