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Monday, June 16, 2008

Adrianna recognises

Look at this pic. How serious-look adrianna is? Actually, she's curiously watching a group of men playing kompang at one of kenduri kawin that we attended recently.

This morning, I put my Nokia handphone on the table. I rarely use that one as I usually use another one (SonyE). So, Adrianna only recognised my SonyE phone, one that she likes to 'play' with, but not that Nokia.

Adrianna woke up early this morning and watched us dressing up. She saw my Nokia phone. By pointing her finger to that phone, she said "opahhh". And then, she took that phone and bring it to her ayah. At the beginning, I wondered why she said that. I really wondered. Having to remember that her opah's handphone is Nokia brand and look-alike, now I know... huhu...

That's only a part. Another part is whenever she went to the 2nd room and saw the red blanket on the bed, she'll say "atukkk"... because that's the blanket that her atuk uses whenever he's here, and for sure she recognised that room as atuk and opah's territory.


Dagang Net was having a shooting for corporate video, for telecasting I guess. I was one of the candidate been auditioned by the company but it was actually to fulfill their request as I am not interested to be the model of the video... huhu... and eventually one of the female staff from Careline has been selected.

The pics were taken during the shooting session in ICT department. It took hours to set up the cameras, lights & other equipments, but the 'action' & 'cut' ended only within 5 minutes!

Friday, June 13, 2008

100,000 km

Our car has reached 100,000 km of mileage today. It has been 3 years plus in age. The longest journey our car ever had so far: Subang to Kuala Terengganu. Body is considered accident free-lah, except this.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ekonomi akan merudum

Maklumat ini saya petik dari blog Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad (Datuk Ron) seperti dibawah:

Info di bawah ini adalah daripada seorang pelayar blog ini yang enggan disiarkan namanya. Info sepenuhnya adalah seperti berikut:

Satu sumber memberitahu saya bahawa selepas Olympic Games di China, ekonomi dunia akan terjun menjunam. Sebuah negara Barat pula menjangkakan Malaysia akan mengalami krisis ekonomi yang paling teruk mulai September 2008.

Saya yakin pengirim info di atas adalah seorang yang prihatin terhadap bangsa dan tanahairnya. Sebab itulah beliau meminta blog ini menyiarkan info kirimannya. Beliau juga meminta bloggers Malaysia supaya mulai prihatin terhadap berita-berita kemelesetan ekonomi global, serantau dan di Malaysia.

Di bawah ini pula adalah berita mengenai ramalan kemelesetan ekonomi yang teruk di Britain dan AS yang saya petik daripada:

Antaranya, berita tersebut menyatakan bahawa “the United States and Britain are facing a recession of a scale greater than the early-1990s, greater even than the 1970s” atau AS dan Britain sedang mengalami zaman meleset yang teruk daripada yang berlaku pada awal 1990-an dan lebih teruk daripada yang berlaku pada awal 1970-an. [untuk membaca berita ini sepenuhnya sila akses links di atas.]

Oleh itu, dengan kemelut kenaikan harga minyak yang sedang kita alami pada hari ini, kerajaan Malaysia perlu mengambil langkah-langkah pro-aktif, menyeluruh dan berkesan mengenai seluruh ramalan di atas demi kesejahteraan seluruh rakyat jelata.

Jika kepimpinan Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tidak prihatin dan tidak serius terhadap seluruh kemungkinan ini, seperti apa yang telah disuarakan oleh banyak warga siber Malaysia menerusi blog-blog tempatan, lebih wajar jika beliau dengan hormatnya mengundurkan diri sebagai Perdana Menteri secara serta-merta.

:: Semoga kita dilindungi olehNya. Masa depan agak kabur buat masa ini. Apalah nasib anak bangsa kita. Mampukah kita bertahan? :: Another info, can be read here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Entertainment Allowance

What did rakyat do with their salary. We normally spend it for:
1. Fuel or public transport fares
2. Meals
3. 'Mandatory' expenses - baby's milk, diapers, baby's cereal
4. Pay debts - car loan, housing loan, credit cards, study loan
5. Pay babysitter or maid
6. Parking
7. Pay bills - electricity, water, telephone, clinic, house rental
8. Parents
9. A dress or two (once/twice a year)
10. Maintenance - car, house
11. Balik kampung

No allocation for entertainment. We prefer to have free entertainment eg. window shopping, attend free carnivals, company annual dinner (which is also free), open house (if invited), wedding reception (if invited), or perhaps join the company visit once a year which is also free. Ooo ya, we consider balik kampung as an entertainment as well.

We hardly have an opportunity to travel abroad and even within Malaysia.

According to Pak Lah, ministers can only go for a vacation within Asia countries. Why don't he restricted them to travel only within Malaysia. Leads by example. Enjoy Cuti-cuti Malaysia - in fact it is one of the Government's campaign!

I believe ministers are freely spending their salary for meals, shopping & entertainment. They definitely don't have to think about fuel, car loan or housing loan because they have been given a car (free fuel) + driver, a house to stay, allocated parking space, and free car/house maintenance.

No wonder ministers can have luxury cars, luxury homes, luxury jeweleries, luxury etc... which rakyat can only putih mata to see those luxuries assets that they own.

And... our salary is not as much as ministers'. Therefore, I would like to suggest to our present Government to slash 100% of the minister's entertainment allowance to prove that the Government understood the pain felt by the public.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Smart or Dump

Here is an analogy...

A roti canai which is mixed, rolled, fried and packed in United States, and exported to Malaysia, is being sold to the consumer with the price of RM2.70 per piece.

Another roti canai which is mixed, rolled, fried and packed nicely in United Arab Emirates, and is exported to Malaysia, is being sold to the consumer with the price of RM2.70 per piece.

And... there is a roti canai which is mixed, rolled, fried and packed nicely in Kedai Mamak sebelah rumah, also being sold to the consumer with the price of RM2.70 per piece.

Let's us assume, roti canai = fuel

There are a few queries:
(1) How much kedai mamak earns?
(2) Why kedai mamak can't reduce the price of roti canai if in fact they have saved the cost of transportation/exportation?

Kedai mamak has exported their roti canai to UK and Canada but eventually having problem of shortage of roti canai to be sold to local people. Thus, they have imported a few tonnes of roti canai to overcome the shortage but with higher price compared to the local's.

One more question, does kedai mamak smart, or Malaysian, are we dumped?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pengantin Baru

Last 07/06/08 was Zaida & Zaid's historical day for being one-day King and Queen of the universe, were sitting ceremonially side by side on a lovely dais, with flashing green songket, both accompanied by their best man, kept smiling, and HAPPY - officially declared as husband and wife.

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Zaida & Zaid, may the relationship last forever and ever. Allah bless u... Semoga cepat2 dpt baby *(^_^)*

Menu dia memang superb & sangat sedappp.

Zaida better known as Bedah is a friend of mine during the university time. We took the same course, involved in the same society & sometimes loafed at the FTMSK's foyer with our friends. I rarely can joined them because of different class timetable... I do enjoy my friendship with her & do hope it will last forever.

I took this pic from Dayat's blog.

Bagaikan pinang dibelah dua...

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yesterday, our hampeh Prime Minister has announced that the petrol price increased 40.625% from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per liter. The subsidy will be given to rakyat annually upon road tax renewal where, the 2000cc & below car's owner will receive RM625 which is equal to RM52.08 per month. Is it sufficient? U tell me...

Last night, we filled up 32.9 liter fuel with the cost of RM63. Starting today, that price is longer valid as it will be RM88.80. U can do the maths...

And... last night in Buletin Utama, our minister of PDNHEP in the interview session mentioned that "Minyak adalah satu penggunaan, bukan keperluan"... What the h*** was he talking about? Didn't he think before he talked, didn't he studied Economy, did he? Even the basic economy syllabus describes about the difference between 'need' and 'want'. From his saying, it could be summarised as "Kereta guna minyak, tapi kereta tak perlukan minyak". There is one most suitable sentence = Statement bodoh!

FRUSTRATED!!! Super-duper frustrated...

This increment will definitely give a HUGE impact to the economy, inflation, goods and society. Thus, the level of poverty might increase as well as the crimes. When the statistic of crime shows a rapid rise, then Pak Lah would held a press conference asking PDRM to clarify why the number of crime increases, which suppose should be questioned to himself.

I've read an article saying that "No subsidy, no car tax". I agree on that. No toll should be levied as well! Pak Lah claimed that the economy has growth 7.1% in 1st quarter of 2008. In fact, traders keep complaining about "no sale, no sale..." They are totally in restless situation. Hmm... so how did Pak Lah got the figure of 7.1%? Maybe there's a new formula to calculate it... specially imposed by Pak Lah, kerajaan 3 beranak!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today, Adrianna Sofea is 1 year, 6 months and 17 days old.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Paku di hati

A nice story...

Ada seorang pemuda yang sangat pemarah. Dia tidak dapat mengawal kemarahannya walaupun ianya hanya satu masalah kecil sahaja. Pada suatu hari, bapanya telah menghadiahkannya dengan seguni paku.

"Untuk apakah paku-paku ini ayah?" tanya pemuda tersebut.

"Setiap kali kamu marah, kamu pakulah tembok batu di hadapan rumah kita ini, bagi melepaskan kemarahan mu", jawab ayahnya.

Pada hari yang pertama sahaja, pemuda itu telah memaku sebanyak 37 batang paku pada tembok batu tersebut. Selepas beberapa minggu, setelah dia dapat mengurangkan kemarahannya, jumlah paku yang digunakan juga berkurangan.

Dia mendapati, adalah lebih mudah mengawal kemarahannya dari memukul paku menembusi tembok batu tersebut. Akhirnya tibalah pada suatu hari dimana pemuda tersebut tidak marah walau sekali pun.

Dia pun memberitahu ayahnya mengenai perkara tersebut dengan gembira. Bapanya mengucapkan tahniah dan menyuruh dia mencabut kembali paku itu satu persatu, pada setiap hari yang ia lalui tanpa kemarahan. Hari berganti hari, dan akhirnya dia berjaya mencabut kesemua paku-paku tersebut. Pemuda tersebut lantas memberitahu perkara tersebut kepada bapanya dengan bangganya.

Bapanya lantas memimpin tangannya ke tembok tersebut dan berkata, "kau telah melakukannya dengan baik anakku, tetapi lihatlah kesan lubang-lubang di tembok batu tersebut. Tembok itu tidak akan kelihatan sama lagi seperti sebelumnya. Bila kau menyatakan sesuatu atau melakukan sesuatu ketika marah, ianya akan meninggalkan kesan parut dan luka, sama seperti ini."

"Kau boleh menikam seseorang dengan pisau dan membunuhnya. Tetapi ingatlah, tak kisah berapa kali kau memohon maaf dan menyesal atas perbuatanmu, namun lukanya masih tetap ada. Luka di hati adalah lebih pedih dari luka fizikal."

"Sahabat adalah permata yang sukar dicari. Mereka membuatkan kamu ketawa dan menggalakkanmu ke arah kejayaan. Sahabat juga adalah seorang pendengar, berkongsi suka dan duka dan sentiasa membuka hatinya kepada kita."

<< Orang akan lupa apa yang anda katakan. Orang akan lupa apa yang anda lakukan... tetapi orang TIDAK akan pernah lupa bagaimana anda membuat mereka begitu bererti. Maafkan saya sekiranya saya pernah meninggalkan kesan berlubang di dinding hati anda... >>

Monday, June 2, 2008

In memory

Something happened lately. On 29th May 2008, around 6.30pm, I was still at office when mak called and informed a news. Wan and I rushed to HKL Emergency Unit and eventually mak called again saying that "Dia dah takde..." We were totally in shocked as it was really sudden.

Pakcik, our sincere condolences on the passing of your dear wife, and we wish u and your kids a lot of strengths to receive truth. May Allah bless and rest her soul in heavenly peace. Al-fatihah... to Makcik Yom.

In memory of Pn.Sharumala (1959-2008). During my wedding reception at Jengka - Feb'06. She's in white and green baju kurung.