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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sad-is 'sadis'

Feb, 11 - I read in Yahoo! about two golden retriever dogs named Bella (3 yrs old) and Maddie (6 mths old) who saved their ex-owner, Sue Feuling who used to abuse them before. These dogs noticed that Feuling house was on fire and rushing to Feuling's room, jumped onto her bed and started barking. Feuling then smelled smoke and immediately grabbed her daughter, Mckenzie (9 yrs old) and rushed out of the house but unfortunately the dogs trapped inside and couldn't make it. A firefighter who arrived at the scene tried to save the dogs, but it was too late. Feuling said she was only thinking about her dogs. "Everything I lost is nothing compared to them", she said. The fire was caused by an overloaded electrical outlet. Poor dogs! Even though she did not treated them well, but they still love their owner... but I think perhaps the dogs were actually love the daughter, not the mother... huhu... p/s: I missss Nyonyok so much!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Something to tell

It has been a month... Got so many to tell. Lot of things happenned. One of it was my best friends' wedding. Two of them i.e WARDAH and OWN.

Wardah was officially Edin's wife on 22nd December 2007. Own and Dilla married on 15th December. So sorry guys especially to Own, we couldn't attend your wedding at Jengka. Lucky we've got the chance to go to Kuala Dipang. Wardah was soooo anggun! Sooo unsangkarable how both of them can meet again and fall in love. Huhu...

We were in the same high school, same class, same goals... Own and Wardah, both are my bestfriends. After PMR, I moved to another school, Wardah then followed but she went to Penang. So, only Own left... with Edin. After SPM, Own, Wardah and I went to the same U but at different branches. Until one day, when all graduated, we met again - reunion. We change contact numbers... without us knowing, Edin started to keep in touch with Wardah until they deeply falling in love and decided to get married... and eventually 22nd December was a history.

Own and Dilla met in Penang in a bus while both were on the way back to Pahang. Sat next to each other, started the conversation and thank God, it last for-ever... As to date, I did not get any chance to see Own's wed pics yet. Hope can meet him this weekend.

To Wardah, Edin, Own and Dilla... Hope u guys happy always with your soulmates and may Allah bless our relationship and our life. Hope He'll give more and more rezeki to us. InsyaAllah.

* Time goes by... Adrianna is getting bigger and cleverer. She is 1-year, 2-month and 17-day old today... still learning how to walk. I promised her to get a bicycle once she walks. Whenever we went to shopping complex and walking through the toys or bicycle area, she will excitedly pointing her fingers to it and keep shouting... I wish I could buy one... but still, promise is a promise... She need to walk first, only then I'll buy her one.

* One story of my good friend in Dagang Net... could say my ex-colleague, Wani. She moving out from Dagang Net last month reluctantly and happily (of course! She received a much2 better offer!!). I still remember when we both pregnant, that was our precious memory. I asked her a lot about pregnancy, about being a mother etc. We delivered on November 2006. Below is the pics of us, I name it as "Mak Yunus and Ibu Adrianna".

* Thank God, Alhamdulillah we'll be on a long holiday. Hope can optimise these 4 days with lots of fun moments with our loved ones. Wan, Adrianna and I are going back to Jengka. Wish we could see some of our old friends there including Wardah, Edin, Own and Dilla. The last we met Own was at HUKM when I was just given birth to Adrianna. Hmm.. they might surprise after one year plus and see how big Adrianna is now. Well... happy holiday guys!