My heart, my soul, my joy & my happiness!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My husband and I reluctantly presented to the office this morning. We both were soooo bluesss of to be having a vacation which is scheduled on 4th week of next month... 4 days 3 nigths stay at a beach side resort with seaview balcony + breezy cool & fresh contamination free air + besides a reserved forest + 3 super duper spacious fully furnished rooms + and marvelously... it's free, sponsored! Woooo... huuuuu...

Adrianna will definitely loves it. Thank God we are always in the same flow about 'jalan-jalan'. We love traveling as well as shopping. It's just the matter of cash. Haha... While having tight depressions, it's good to search a calm place like this. Hoping that tension can be released in such the most happiest manner without any restriction. Awesome! Thanks dear for the arrangement.

Talking about AF6, I love to see Stacy as the winner as what had happened. She's awesome vocally and has a good posture on stage. She is serious when performing although she is actually a bit childish in the diary - but not as immature & gedik as Nadia..huhu.. jgn marah peminat Nadia. I didn't care much about other contestants but I surprised when Toi has made it to the final and be on the 4th place. Rezeki dia.

The assymetry of current government is really making me sick! I hate this situation. Could somebody please do something? I know I hardly do nothing to fix the situation. What can I do? but from the bottom of my heart, I would loveee to see Pak Lah steps down from his throne. In another most clearest words... letaklah jawatan. I believe that Malaysian is already bosannn with your leadership - does he really has the quality as a leader (questionmark???) I can't comment much on this. Somebody might watching... fuhhh!

Back to the track, I can't wait to be there. A place that I adore... I'm in elation mode - holiday mood giler2 punye.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Someone won the 'lottery'. Someone who has been waiting soooo long to be rewarded, to be appreciated, to be celebrated, to be cooled down, to be re-spirited, to be re-polished, to be more re-sharpened and to be promoted... Finally... Congratulations...

Last night, we were having dinner at Chili's, OU. I had the Classic beef steak, my husband enjoyed his Fire-drilled lamb steak, Adrianna ate her ayah's mashed potato and my toast, and Wings Over Buffalo as the stater. We were celebrating someone's victory. We were glad for him, absolutely! Alhamdulillah.

Celebration... Well done dear!

Adrianna - drowsy zzzzzz...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Jeng... jeng... jeng...
There would be a career transition in this coming month...
Someone has decided to leave... while someone has decided to stay...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Teluk Batik

"It's a beautiful... beautiful... beautiful Sunday..."
Adrianna's first time to the sandy beach...
Adrianna mandi laut.
Bought a 'Hawaii style' dress for Adrianna.
After that, went to Medan Ikan Bakar,
our favourite seafood restaurant ever!
Fresh squid, fish, prawn, shellfish... yummy!!!
We had orange juice, water melon juice & lychee - 3 pitchers.
Then, went home... everybody 'collapsed' - so exhausted.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Fuhh... I've got a damn terrible headache... since last Friday. This is not good. I can't focus at my work at all. I wish I could stay at home & zzzzzz. This monitor makes my eyeball spinned. I hardly open my eyes.

Last weekend, we went to Bahau. That was a long journey. From Subang Bestari, we went through ELITE highway heading to Seremban exit. We already stucked with quite heavy traffic jam there. The tension continued when we went through Bukit Putus. Jalan mengalahkan Cameron Highland! Never thought that place so ceruk with snake-shaped road. At Kuala Pilah, we found a stall named 'Lomang Paneh Pak Gah' - unique name! We had one night stay at Era Hotel, Bahau - lovely suite.

The next morning on 8, we went to Pulapol which is about 30km from the town of Bahau. The 'Perbarisan Tamat Latihan Polis' has already started. We gathered near the field to watch the new lines of policewomen doing marching. They were from all over states even Sabah & Sarawak. It was a new experience for Adrianna as well as me. For wan, mak & abah... it was their life...
Around 4.30pm, we started our journey home but this time we went through different route - Triang - Temerloh - KL which was much-much better compared to the previous one. We had our ikan patin dinner at Temerloh near the bus station besides the Sg Pahang river. After that, we headed straights to Subang Bestari. All were really exhausted.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I received a comment from Eey saying that Adrianna dah kurus. Is she? May be we didn't noticed it because we have seeing her everyday. She might be slimmer but the truth is she's getting taller and heavier. In fact, we are having difficulty to lift her up. After 5 minutes, either u need to put her down or u will lose your balance... huhu...

Her opah and atuk just arrived last night. She loves guests, because it means that she has someone to play with, other than her ibu & ayah. Whenever they around, she seems like to forget her own parents! Manja betul dgn opah & atuk dia!

Last weekend, we went to have makan2 at Sec.2, Shah Alam. Actually, it was me who wanted to have ABC koko at Pegaga Stall... but the taste is no longer as delicious as it was. A bit disappointed... Teringat la masa zaman dating2 dulu.

After that, we brought Adrianna to 'kedai ikan' besides the Wet World. Last time we went there was about 4-5 years ago (again... zaman dating2 dulu) and even now the place is still remain the same. Nothing change... There's still lots of fishes... even bigger and cuter. But we never bought any. We do love fish but I'm not hardworking enough to clean up the aquarium and do all of the necessary maintenance.

Actually, we have an intention to bring Adrianna to National Zoo. It should be happenned on last 2 weeks but at that time, Wan was not feeling well... and last week, the weather was not good... and this weekend, we are going to Bahau for Niza's convocation. Hmm... when it will be? Kesian Adrianna. Can't wait to meet Mr.Grrr, Mr.Oooo, Mr.Aumm... (like in Enfagrow Ads).

Friday, May 2, 2008

I need a holiday!

Last weekend, we went to One Utama. After had some lunch, we let Adrianna walked around the area & had her pit stop at this cute jeep... and there she was... eksyen!
We normally spend our weekend at OU. What a bored. I think we need to go for a holiday vacation somewhere. I keep thinking of an island - somewhere anywhere. Need to escape from these hectic areas and works! Tension beb! But 'vacation' needs some money to make it happen. Rege barang naik! Cost of living increased. Do we afford to go for a holiday if eventually return home broke? Cari penyakit. So, what we can do is either stay at home or go to the nearest shopping complex for some 'always friendly & save' window shopping.