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Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Friday!

I do not feel good today. I wish I know why. Perhaps I know, but it's tremendously difficult to pour to.

I hardly came to work this morning. I hardly decided what to eat for breakfast.

My orange drink that I ordered this morning was damnly sweet - hardly to be swallowed. The aircond in this office seems like doesn't functioning well. It's hot.

I have lots of data to be inserted into the database today! While it is almost getting done, suddenly server down. Argh!

Wan, Adrianna & I are going to Manjung tonight. I still didn't pack any. It is suppose to be a happy journey. There will be an occasion this Sunday. My sis-in-law is getting engaged with her loved one.

I wish I can apply for leave on next Monday but seems I am still new here and under probation period, it's not good to apply one. Furthermore, it will be an unpaid leave. I bother that.

It should be a happy day. Last day of the week. Eve of weekend. But the holiday mood comes so earlier. Can't hide that. Obviously, I am.

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