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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Demam Raya

Last Sunday, I extremely enjoyed a large sum of seafoods for lunch. Sedap bebenor mak mentua aku masak. And on Monday, I had a very bad running nose, plus the cold aircond in my office, I couldn't stand! The flu really made me headache, tired & out of focus. And on Monday night, I went to the clinic & doc said that my blood pressure 'rosing' up which is not good lah. Pressure because of the flu. Got an MC for Tuesday. Rest. Yep, I need it most! I slept all day long. Lucky my husband sent Adrianna to her babysitter's. And today, get back to work, still with a running nose but for sure, it is much better than yesterday. Got project to deliver.

Hmm, I am not alone having bp problem as my husband's is 'rosing' & 'blooming' too. His is worse. He has no fever, no flu, no running nose but it's simply because of raya meal kot! Too oily, high cholesterol, high starch but too delicious to avoid! His doctor told him to reduce 10kg maaa. That a lot! Well, good luck dear. U must do it. I'm not saying that sure u can do it but u MUST. U need to take care of me & Adrianna kann... so, u need to stay more and more healthier than us lah.

But, the fact is, apparently three of us are racing in widening our tummy. Adrianna obviously did it (other than me, hehe...). We just bought shirt & jeans size 8 for her which is for 8 year-old girl, and Adrianna not even 2 yet. Size 6 for her is just nice and fit but size 8 promising more looseness. So boleh la tahan lama sikit kan. Hmm... my girl is really getting bigger, chubbier & healthier (not forget to mention prettier too, hehe...)

One whole raya week with us, I realized that there are lot's of new words that Adrianna learned (to speak & pronounce). She is able to set her own sentences and ask questions. Comeynye la dengar suara dia bile bertanya itu & ini. Layan je la... Alhamdulillah.


eEy said...

Akak sayang!!
I oh so miss u and adrianna.
Sorry for being away, missing in action for the past few months. I'll be back with a new blog, the previous one has been removed. I missed blogging so much. Hope its not too late fer me to wish u a very happy eid mubarak, maaf zahir batin. love u sis!

p/s: taun ni wat open house x?

* ainul AB * said...

Eey, mane ko menghilang? Dun 4get 2 give me ur new link ya! Misss ur stories too. Salam Syawal 2u2. Sori sayang, tahun ni tak wat open hse tp dtg ajela. U r most welcome anytime u want! Let me know.