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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To scare off bloggers

Recently, we were shocked by a police report (by a Muhammad Muhd Taib) pertaining to a fake story revealed by a blogger, RPT. Who is RPT? Raja Petra Kamaruddin, an owner of Malaysia-today. Starting with the issue of " A comedy of errors ", he claimed that our Majlis Raja2 had made a decision to kick our PM due to his inconsistency in developing Malaysia. Well, I have no comment about that, but more than seeking legal redress, what Muhd Taib did was like hoping to scare off bloggers.

By doing this indirectly had declared blogs in the internet as a major influence medium to public. It's quite obvious that web blog is one of public source of reference. In fact, they have put their believe to these blogs higher than to our local newspapers. It's strange but that the truth. My favourite writer, A Kadir Jasin believe that what Muhd Taib is trying to do is actually encouraging RPT to reveal more of his secrecy... Well, just wait and see. I sometimes found that this kind of political issue is quite interesting.

For me, as long as what u wrote is legally right, what should we scared off? I realised that most of my contents are just blending with my own life (syok sendiri kot... hehe...). No matter what happen, I would still standing here. Go bloggers go! Go Ainul Azlinda A.B!

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