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Friday, March 14, 2008

Get In Shape

I've read in Yahoo! about how to get in shape in the simplest ways... Here are some tips which may help u guys out there who have any intention to stay slim and getting slimmer. Perhaps, these are good tips to be considered.

Here are a little help getting there:

1. Decide. It takes that moment where you can honestly say to yourself, "This is it, I want to make a change."

2. Commit. Once you connect with the fact that you want to change, you have to commit to the process. You may miss a day of training here and there, or shove a stress donut in your mouth, but the only way for you to get back on track is to recommit. This won't be fun, so you'll have to dig deeper within yourself to create the change you want.

3. Believe in yourself. Just know that you can do this with good eating and consistent exercise. Results are not just for members of a special club -- they can happen for everyone.

4. Move. You're going to have to move your body at least 4 to 5 days a week, but not for hours and hours at a time. Just get moving, even if you start out with 15 to 30 minutes a day. As time goes on and you want to see more changes in your body, you'll have to move harder and longer.

5. Eat right. Watch your portions, eat real food (not out of a bag, can, jar, or microwave), drink lots of water, go easy on the sugar, avoid fast food, and don't eat too much dairy, pasta, bread, white rice, red meat, foods made with flour, or foods with lots of chemicals and preservatives. Easy, right? I know it's tricky, but this is part is really key. What you put in your mouth affects your butt, brain, and mood.

6. Decompress. Try to manage your stress and make sure you're getting enough sleep. And take a deep breath now and then -- aaaah.

I've tried it and believe me its work!

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Paul said...

"Love conquers all." "Every cloud has a silver lining." "Faith can move mountains." "Love will always find a way." "Everything happens for a reason." "Where there is life, there is hope."
this is my favrot saying
i enjoy your blog!