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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Adrianna discharged

Alhamdulillah, finally Adrianna home!
Admitted date : 29/10/2008 (Wednesday)
Discharged date: 05/11/2008 (Wednesday)

She was very happy yesterday. I was in the office when finally Dato' told Wan that she can go home. I rushed to the ward after work and packed the things up. She was so eager and impatient. I asked her "Adrianna nak pegi mana?", she replied "Pegi jalan... pegi mall"

On the way home, she talked a lot about this and that, pointing her finger to everywhere. Hmm... after 8 days 'locked' in the ward, she misses the world a lot! "Bus, lorry, car, baby, kakak, abang, mall, shop, house, flower, Petronas, Mc'Donald, KFC, elephant, horse...", she 'introduced' lots of things around excitedly.

We dropped by at KFC for dinner and buy nasi ayam for her. She enjoyed her dinner well, at last she has appetite to eat some food. After that, we let her played at the playground.

Journey to home was so wonderful. She misses home so much especially her bicycle and big teddy bear. I didn't go home since she was admitted too. Thank God she is recovering a lot, but still need to take some continuous medication to ensure that she is fully recovered. Next follow-up will be on 13/11/2008 at DSH.

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