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Friday, November 16, 2007

Dagang Net @KL Tower

Last 27th October, Dagang Net organized an open house for our staff, biz partner, and vendors. This year, we chose Garden Terrace, KL Tower. Sounds nice hah... but fuhhh... it's really hot. They should provide more and more fans - the best is the fan with the water sprays - like the one we usually saw at mamak stall. I could say that 'garden' concept turned to 'hot sandy desert - grilled on the fire' concept... huhu!

Guys with baju melayu & sampin & gals with attractive traditional dresses eating in sweat & melted make-up. Just imagine how we managed to finish our meal comfortably. Lucky there's ice-kacang stall there. So, we got some cool freshing throat with it.

A pic on that day - Adrianna and Yunus. Both were born in November 2006. Yunus on 3rd while Adrianna on 18th. Both wearing the traditional malay costumes. So cute little babies!

On the next day, my husband, me and Adrianna fulfilled Masri's invitation to his open house at Bukit Subang. I love the lontong lah! Superb delicious. Pandai wife hang buat! Terghuih aku tukaq menu open house aku... hehe... Nak kena bergurukan Wawa nih!

Masri's daughter is sooo friendly. She likes little baby dearly. So, looks like Masri and Wawa need to struggle to get a sister for Yaya lah! See what happenned when two friendly babies met...

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