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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Give More, Expect Less

Remember these five simple rules to be happy:
(i) Free your heart from hatred.
(ii) Free your mind from worries.
(iii) Live simply.
(iv) Give more.
(v) Expect less.

Take the forth and fifth one. Give more, expect less. What do u think about that?

People are complex. We've got a lot of stuff both past and present, as well as dreams for our future. Usually, we want to share everything with our spouse. But he can't possibly understand all of our complexities. After all, we are a woman, and all that that implies. And he's a manly man!

And sometimes, this can drive us insane. We love giving more and at the same time, expecting more... but that seldom possibly happen. What we should do? That's why it's important to T.H.I.N.K positive. At this point, it leads to trust, sincere, patience, appreciation and infact - love more! So, let's us give more and expect less!

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