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Thursday, May 8, 2008


I received a comment from Eey saying that Adrianna dah kurus. Is she? May be we didn't noticed it because we have seeing her everyday. She might be slimmer but the truth is she's getting taller and heavier. In fact, we are having difficulty to lift her up. After 5 minutes, either u need to put her down or u will lose your balance... huhu...

Her opah and atuk just arrived last night. She loves guests, because it means that she has someone to play with, other than her ibu & ayah. Whenever they around, she seems like to forget her own parents! Manja betul dgn opah & atuk dia!

Last weekend, we went to have makan2 at Sec.2, Shah Alam. Actually, it was me who wanted to have ABC koko at Pegaga Stall... but the taste is no longer as delicious as it was. A bit disappointed... Teringat la masa zaman dating2 dulu.

After that, we brought Adrianna to 'kedai ikan' besides the Wet World. Last time we went there was about 4-5 years ago (again... zaman dating2 dulu) and even now the place is still remain the same. Nothing change... There's still lots of fishes... even bigger and cuter. But we never bought any. We do love fish but I'm not hardworking enough to clean up the aquarium and do all of the necessary maintenance.

Actually, we have an intention to bring Adrianna to National Zoo. It should be happenned on last 2 weeks but at that time, Wan was not feeling well... and last week, the weather was not good... and this weekend, we are going to Bahau for Niza's convocation. Hmm... when it will be? Kesian Adrianna. Can't wait to meet Mr.Grrr, Mr.Oooo, Mr.Aumm... (like in Enfagrow Ads).

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wardah said...

tulang dia yang berat tu..dia kurus sebab dah makin aktif hehehe