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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My husband and I reluctantly presented to the office this morning. We both were soooo bluesss of to be having a vacation which is scheduled on 4th week of next month... 4 days 3 nigths stay at a beach side resort with seaview balcony + breezy cool & fresh contamination free air + besides a reserved forest + 3 super duper spacious fully furnished rooms + and marvelously... it's free, sponsored! Woooo... huuuuu...

Adrianna will definitely loves it. Thank God we are always in the same flow about 'jalan-jalan'. We love traveling as well as shopping. It's just the matter of cash. Haha... While having tight depressions, it's good to search a calm place like this. Hoping that tension can be released in such the most happiest manner without any restriction. Awesome! Thanks dear for the arrangement.

Talking about AF6, I love to see Stacy as the winner as what had happened. She's awesome vocally and has a good posture on stage. She is serious when performing although she is actually a bit childish in the diary - but not as immature & gedik as Nadia..huhu.. jgn marah peminat Nadia. I didn't care much about other contestants but I surprised when Toi has made it to the final and be on the 4th place. Rezeki dia.

The assymetry of current government is really making me sick! I hate this situation. Could somebody please do something? I know I hardly do nothing to fix the situation. What can I do? but from the bottom of my heart, I would loveee to see Pak Lah steps down from his throne. In another most clearest words... letaklah jawatan. I believe that Malaysian is already bosannn with your leadership - does he really has the quality as a leader (questionmark???) I can't comment much on this. Somebody might watching... fuhhh!

Back to the track, I can't wait to be there. A place that I adore... I'm in elation mode - holiday mood giler2 punye.

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wardah said...

G bercuti kat mana nul? bestnya....!!!
Saya dah lama tak bercuti sambil jalan-jalan ni... :)