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Friday, May 2, 2008

I need a holiday!

Last weekend, we went to One Utama. After had some lunch, we let Adrianna walked around the area & had her pit stop at this cute jeep... and there she was... eksyen!
We normally spend our weekend at OU. What a bored. I think we need to go for a holiday vacation somewhere. I keep thinking of an island - somewhere anywhere. Need to escape from these hectic areas and works! Tension beb! But 'vacation' needs some money to make it happen. Rege barang naik! Cost of living increased. Do we afford to go for a holiday if eventually return home broke? Cari penyakit. So, what we can do is either stay at home or go to the nearest shopping complex for some 'always friendly & save' window shopping.

1 comment:

eEy said...

akak,y adrianna is so kurus???
waahh..bagi die tido banyak2 bia gemok cam dulu xnampak leher.heheh