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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Earthquake at JayaOne

30/9, 6pm plus - I was at my cubicle in JayaOne building. Suddenly felt 'dizzy'. Ya, really though so! It's repeating. Chairs obviously shaken. That's weird. I asked my 'neighbour', he didn't feel anything, but then our CTO came over, saying that it's a light earthquake.

For the first time in my life... LIVE.

I called my husband, he was in a meeting at 38th floor, Menara Maybank. Table shaking. Meeting was called off then.

Shocked! We went home.

In news, heard that a powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale struck off the coast of Padang in southern Sumatera. Poor them. Can't imagine if it happens to me at the office...


sya said...

aku pun terasa juga gegaran tu.. ingat sebab lori lalu.. tapi, bila lori tu dah lepas pun bergegar lagi.. bergoyang2 aku atas katil..
anak aku duk depan sorang2 rilek je.. mama dia yg gelabah.. :P

* ainul AB * said...

sya, mau nya tak gelabah... kami pun cuak jugak... tak lama lps tu jln jem teruk. Agaknya semua org terus balik rmh.