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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Snow White

I still remember when I was in standard 6. I was directed by my english teacher (Selvi) to hold a role in a theatre, Snow White & the seven dwarfs. My friends and I practised everyday to give the best performance on the English Day. I was the heroin, Snow White. Not because I want to, but I actually had been forced to (our respect to teacher was so high compared to nowadays).

It was an unforgetable experience. Teacher Selvi gave me a nice gown to wear. The part that I would never forget was when the stepmother came to the dwarfs' hut and gave Snow White an apple to eat. Snow White then fainted on the floor. Aku makan epal tu bebetoi, sedapnye!!

and... the script that I stilll remember is "Mirror mirror on the wall... Who is the fairest one of all...??" (The stepmother asking the mirror).

My friends, Siti played as the stepmother (very hot-tempered), Asmy (control macho) as the price charming, and Azmi was the sneezy dwarf. Acted on the stage, in front of the public (for kampung boys/girls like us) made us tremendously nervous and anxious. But Alhamdulillah we managed to overcame those feelings and showed how confident/ braved/ talented we were. Hehe...

After the English Day (mid year), we were then requested to re-performed during Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah (end of the year), and at the same time, teacher Selvi had asked me to present a story telling about a prince (who was looking for his soulmate, I forgot the title). It's quite tough to memorise those scripts & storylines at one shot but it was very enjoyable.

A few lines of the story telling that's still in my head:
Once upon a time, there was a prince who after wandering the land searching for a wife, return to his castle and told his unhappy parents that he had been unable to find a bride. Now this young man was difficult to please, and he had not been greatly taken with any of the noble young ladies he had met on his travel. He was looking for a wife who was not only beautiful but also wellborn... (that's all I remember)

It's all MEMORIES... stay & still fresh in my mind.

Ainul: Miss my old friends. Sekolah Kebangsaan Jengka 16, UPSR 1993.


wardah said...

wa...hero saya tak termasuk dlm cerit awak ke? hehehe

Adzriel AB said...

he..he.. kena cium tak?

sitiezahim said...

haha..aku ler tuh stepmom masa english day tuh, raja firdaus yg jadi prince kan..masa penyanpaian hadiah baru asmy..then part yg patut kiss, dia nyanyi lagu only u...that part i still remember so much..haha

* ainul AB * said...

Wardah, Wahiddin tak berlakon rasanya, tak ingat dah la, hihi..

Kak Ija, ape gile nak cium!!! kihkihkih...

Sitie, hahaha... lawakla masa tu, aku pakai dress adik teacher.. dah la peyut buncit, tembam2 macam Adrianna jugek kann... Aku makan epal pastu buat2 pengsan... ekekeke... Aku paling ingat script ko "Mirror mirror on the wall, who s the fairest one of all...?.."
Azmi jadi 7 dwarfs, skrg ni kemain tinggi lampai dah, hihi...