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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

World's priciest city

What do u think is the most expensive city in the world? Probably we would say London or New York as I would! Quite surprise when I read from here, Moscow is on the top... London is 2nd while Seoul goes 3rd.

If u want to rent a luxury 2-bedroom apartment in Moscow, u need to have $4000/month. Mak aiii... Even a copy of an international daily newspaper will cost u $6.30.

I have a cousin studying medicine in Moscow. How she & friends manage themselves there with this high cost of living? Lucky they have been sponsored by our government. Receiving allowance of RM2.5k/month, as a student, that's a lot!

In the other hand, the least expensive city goes to Asuncion, a capital city of Paraguay.

Kuala Lumpur? Not in the list, but somehow I personally think it's high. Barang naik harga kan... Government servant's salary increased but what about private sectors' friends...and me???Huaaaa...

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