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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Adrianna Sofea

Adrianna Sofea with her ayah.
She is going to 9-month old this 18th of August and is learning to crawl. Love to see when she lifting her body up, and loading her energy to move forward. Very genuine effort.
My friend's son who is same age as Adrianna is already learning to walk! Hmm... paediatrician said "Don't compare, different child develops differently. Few factors could affect it, such as weight, genetic, etc..."
It's ok. Many children walk at the age of one year plus. It's normal. As long as she is healty, happy & active, I would not worry much! Time will come. Saborrr, nanti jalan le dia... At the moment, her ayah can carry her here and there... because my arm is not as tough as his.


Paultera135 said...

awwwwww. so cute....

Paultera135 said...

GLAD U SAID YES YOU R THE FIRST ONE TO REPLY i just check my comments and foud out. SO WELCOM you will be given up to date news and what not and other fun things. thank you!!!!!

Paultera135 said...
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Paultera135 said...

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eEy said...

hye kak,
do add oh yeah..ive put ur link in my blog ya!!adrianna sangat chomeyl!!*toddles*

much love,