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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fake pau story

Friends, do u still remember the cardboard-stuffed pau story at China? Once ago, I received an email revealing about the pau made from papers or cardboard which was soaked in chemicals, and then mixed with flavours, curry and meat eventually to make it tasty. Eeeee....

...and here it is. The latest news, the story is F.A.K.E.

A television journalist at Beijing TV, Zi Beijia has been jailed for one year and fined 1,000 yuan (130 dollars) after a court found him guilty for fabricating that fake of food scandal report. He embarrassed his own country. China had been denying this and found that Zi actually had instructed a group of migrant workers to make the phony pau while he filmed them.

However, a public speculation conversed that Zi is innocent and the report was actullay genuine.

Well, what could we do as a consumer. If we confident that it is true, don't eat it. Otherwise, just enjoy its taste... but 'kalau tak ada angin, masakan pokok bergoyang' (no wind, no waving tree).


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