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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ho ho holiday...

Yeah... I can't wait... Tomorrow evening, my family and I will start our jouney to Cameron Highlands, Pahang - a nice place to visit!

Twenty-four members of us, exclusively from 6 families (A.B's)...
(1) Mom + dad
(2) Abg Mir + Kak Om = Aiman, Amirah, Daniel
(3) Ngah + Abg Lan = Hafeez, Izzati
(4) Abg + Kak Ita = Zakwan, Zulaikha
(5) Kak Ija + Abg Faizal = Aishah, Amirul, Asyikin, Azri
(6) Ainul + Shaizwan = Adrianna

I am soooo extremely excited. So tired facing pc, workload, problems etc everyday... now it's time for us to spend time together... ALL OF US! Let's be there: 31st August to 2nd September 2007.


wardah said...

If u cant wait to going to holiday at Cameron Highland, for me I cant wait to going back to KD. Miss my parents so much....

Take care..n send my salam to all of ur family!!!

Jan said...

'ello, Ainul!

Jan here from
Wishing you a nice day!
Glad to meet up with you on my website!