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Friday, August 10, 2007

Grad @ 94 years old

This is a story about a ninty four-year-old Phyllis Turner who received her Masters degree from Chancellor John von Doussa at her graduation ceremony at the University of Adelaide on August 2, 2007. Turner, a great-great-grandmother with a "lively mind" who quit school at 12 is said to be the world's oldest person to earn a university masters degree.

I personally impressed with the determination of this old lady. I feel ashamed of myself for not being as ambitious as she is. Even though I do have that intention, but it seems like the dream is still flying around, searching for it's ultimate destination... Wish to hold masters too someday!

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wardah said...

sebab tula menuntut ilmu ni sama pahala dgn berjihad..kena kuatkan semangat dan memacam lagi la.
'tuntutlah ilmu sehingga ke liang lahad'