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Monday, June 2, 2008

In memory

Something happened lately. On 29th May 2008, around 6.30pm, I was still at office when mak called and informed a news. Wan and I rushed to HKL Emergency Unit and eventually mak called again saying that "Dia dah takde..." We were totally in shocked as it was really sudden.

Pakcik, our sincere condolences on the passing of your dear wife, and we wish u and your kids a lot of strengths to receive truth. May Allah bless and rest her soul in heavenly peace. Al-fatihah... to Makcik Yom.

In memory of Pn.Sharumala (1959-2008). During my wedding reception at Jengka - Feb'06. She's in white and green baju kurung.


Anonymous said...

Wah..setelah membelek2 blog ni...rase 2 mcm kenal ajer...awak pengawas kan mase kat smkjp2? haha...long time nosee ...alot of memory...sekarang nampak kuru...mase sekolah mcm berisi i correct? heheh...apepun mase dah berlalu...semoga ceria selalu :)...heheh take care....daa....

* ainul AB * said...

Thanks sbb sudi singgah blog sy. Sipakah gerangan anda? Boleh email sy: