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Monday, June 16, 2008

Adrianna recognises

Look at this pic. How serious-look adrianna is? Actually, she's curiously watching a group of men playing kompang at one of kenduri kawin that we attended recently.

This morning, I put my Nokia handphone on the table. I rarely use that one as I usually use another one (SonyE). So, Adrianna only recognised my SonyE phone, one that she likes to 'play' with, but not that Nokia.

Adrianna woke up early this morning and watched us dressing up. She saw my Nokia phone. By pointing her finger to that phone, she said "opahhh". And then, she took that phone and bring it to her ayah. At the beginning, I wondered why she said that. I really wondered. Having to remember that her opah's handphone is Nokia brand and look-alike, now I know... huhu...

That's only a part. Another part is whenever she went to the 2nd room and saw the red blanket on the bed, she'll say "atukkk"... because that's the blanket that her atuk uses whenever he's here, and for sure she recognised that room as atuk and opah's territory.

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