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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Entertainment Allowance

What did rakyat do with their salary. We normally spend it for:
1. Fuel or public transport fares
2. Meals
3. 'Mandatory' expenses - baby's milk, diapers, baby's cereal
4. Pay debts - car loan, housing loan, credit cards, study loan
5. Pay babysitter or maid
6. Parking
7. Pay bills - electricity, water, telephone, clinic, house rental
8. Parents
9. A dress or two (once/twice a year)
10. Maintenance - car, house
11. Balik kampung

No allocation for entertainment. We prefer to have free entertainment eg. window shopping, attend free carnivals, company annual dinner (which is also free), open house (if invited), wedding reception (if invited), or perhaps join the company visit once a year which is also free. Ooo ya, we consider balik kampung as an entertainment as well.

We hardly have an opportunity to travel abroad and even within Malaysia.

According to Pak Lah, ministers can only go for a vacation within Asia countries. Why don't he restricted them to travel only within Malaysia. Leads by example. Enjoy Cuti-cuti Malaysia - in fact it is one of the Government's campaign!

I believe ministers are freely spending their salary for meals, shopping & entertainment. They definitely don't have to think about fuel, car loan or housing loan because they have been given a car (free fuel) + driver, a house to stay, allocated parking space, and free car/house maintenance.

No wonder ministers can have luxury cars, luxury homes, luxury jeweleries, luxury etc... which rakyat can only putih mata to see those luxuries assets that they own.

And... our salary is not as much as ministers'. Therefore, I would like to suggest to our present Government to slash 100% of the minister's entertainment allowance to prove that the Government understood the pain felt by the public.

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