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Monday, February 16, 2009


Abdominal pain seems to be worsened. I have a bad heartburn as well as stomach cramp. The weather is not at my side too. Am I living in a desert? It's hot all day and night long. Aircond is my best friend at the moment. I am in a situation where everything is not right! I need to be cheered up. The backache like an attachment to my body. It's pinned and hooked up soooo 'good' until I hardly lie down and couldn't sleep soundly. Left to right, right to left... I wish I can have more option in my position. Emotion-wise is pretty ding-dong. I am lacking stability. I need a rest! I need a rest! I need a rest!

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sya said...

cool ainul..
ambil masa untuk belai diri sendiri.. duduk dalam bilik air sambil belai2 badan sendiri..
tak pun, gi shopping baju baby dalam shopping complex, sejuk gak tu..
buat je apa2 yang ko rasa nak buat sekarang.. sebelum si kecik tu keluar... :)