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Monday, February 23, 2009

Big baby

It has been a while I didn't upload any new pics. Too busy. Here are some latest pics of Adrianna, our chubby little girl! Taken using phone camera.

Taken on Aug 10, '08. One yr 9 mths old. Adrianna is a camera-shy girl. It's very difficult to see her poses in front of the camera lenses. Either she will look at somewhere else or we need to candid. Most of the time, she won't tolerate at all. She may close her face to deny.

Another pic, Adrianna wearing red baju kurung (25 Oct '08); we were going to Gurun (if I'm not mistaken, lupa dah) for a wedding reception. We stopped at R&R Bukit Merah. Big baby sitting on her opah. Lenguh lutut opah!

On the way back to Seri Manjung, we stopped at Taiping Lake Garden. Giving her chance to play at the playground, seeing the monkey and running around. Let she enjoyed the lake view which rarely been giving the chance to. Sakan le dia!

Upon returning to KL (28 Oct '08), big baby had a bad flu. That caused phlegm accumulation in her nose as well as lung. She admitted to Damansara Specialist Hospital for 8 days. Sian dia! According to Doctor, Adrianna allergies to honey. Since then, we changed the milk flavor to original (Enfagrow).

This is another photo during Aidiladha (8 Dec '08) at the korban area. Guess what? Adrianna was wearing a shirt size '9-year old'. It fits her well, just a slightly bit loose at the waist. Big baby dukung by her Atuk.

Another one on 10 Dec '08 (2 yrs 1 mth old). Were having dinner at Rasa Ayamas, Giant Kota Damansara. Adrianna loves to eat chicken. Her hair is quite long actually, but curls on the shoulder and expanding aside.

Shaizwan's 28th birthday (12 Dec '08). We enjoyed the blueberry cheese cake very much. Very delicious kek ni! Cheap as well! I give 5 stars to Kak Zai. Adrianna blew up the candles for ayah.

At Jabina restaurant (15 Dec '08), dinner time. We eating out mostly every night on weekdays. Reach home at 8.30pm everyday, tired and hungry. Fast choice is... either eat outside or tapau ler. It's not easy to get this kind of pose from Adrianna. Smiling at the camera...

Last 21 Dec '08, we went to Selama for Zam's wedding. Zam was my ex-roommate at UiTM. Quite a long journey. We went through Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. We stopped a while there. Here is Adrianna's photo, taken at the 'lobby' area. Excited habis!

The last one for the year of 2008... taken on Dec 28 at Beseri, Perlis. We're at the backyard of a house, enjoying the greenery of the paddy field, windy, cool breeze air. Very nice view! The bride & bridegroom were having akad nikah at that time.

There's more photos coming up. All about my little chubby Adrianna. Big baby in the house! Kakak Adrianna...

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