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Thursday, February 12, 2009


As time goes by, there are lots of new things Adrianna has learned so far. It is very honor to see a live human being developing in front of us, raising her up using our bare hands, learning from A to Z and witnesses of whatever she achieved. After 2 years 2 months, we love to see more and more and more. We can't wait to see her reaction towards her new sister/brother-to-birth... absolutely.

There is a baby named Yasmin at her babysitter's house and she loves her very much. Each time we pick her home after work, she'll keep asking "mana baby min?"... Her mak (babysitter) said that, whenever Min cries, she will give her puting and will call mak immediately. Whenever Min drinks milk, she wants a bottle too and lays besides Min. Now Min is already 1 year old. We're planning to send our new baby to her mak too. Alhamdulillah, so far we are very satisfy with her nurse. Adrianna never cry whenever we send her there, but very happy instead. Well, that's shows that she is happy to be with her mak, surrounded by her 2 cousins, Ika(6) & Zakwan(8) and other kids.

Alhamdulillah Allah bless us with a kid and expecting another one in justttt a few weeks... She is our rope, our compiler. Making us tie up closely. Love hold us close and closer.

My expected due date will be on 26th March, perhaps could be earlier. My sis-in-law, kak Om is going to deliver too. Supposely, she is one week earlier than me. Means that, once she delivered, my turn would be just around the corner as well. Hope it won't be too early because AdikPi is getting married this 28th Feb... and we'll be there till 2nd March. Am not too sure the facility that Manjung Hosp. have but I am very concern as I had c-section record previously. I heard that the nurses there quite unfriendly. That's the main obstacle of having delivery in goverment hospital I guess. Paranoid???

I am very busy at work now. That's why I seldom update this blog. I need to complete few tasks before labour. Since it is uncertain, so all of the tasks should be done soonest possible. Working here giving me precious experience. I believe I've made a right decision. This transition benefits me in terms of learning new technology, enhancing programming skills, a brighter career path as well as teaching me to be more independent. There are only 2 Malay women here. My friend figured me as "working in Tanah Besar China". I'm like a 'foreigner', therefore I need to work hard & smart enough if I want to survive in a foreign 'country'. It is a challenge for me and so far, I enjoy it much. I love what I am doing.

In the meantime, my husband is having career rotation at his office. Getting busy day by day. We go home late everyday, approximately around 9pm. However, he looks happier with what he is currently doing. The new organization structure + new boss have boost up his working energy to keba-boom la! Can say that he is a workaholic. I nearly know all the peoples he's working with through his every story, it just I don't know how they look like - because he loves to share his every single day working experience with me. Hmm... I am a good listener. My husband is also a new Manchester United manager - in his laptop football game.
While in the worry mode of gaining too much weight, fuhhh... I apparently fail to control my body widing process. I am 81kg now. Wish the height can increase too... hehe. Baby is very active, and am having regular Braxton Hicks contraction. The tummy is heading in front like a giant ball, hardened like rock. Baby is getting less space to perform sommersault as his/her size is increasing & growing. Last checkup (2 Jan), baby is 2.2kg and developing well. Hope everything is fine.


sya said...

hmm, tak semua hospital nurse nya tak friendly.. ikut nurse nya kan?

hmm, (lagi?), apa2 kerja pun yang kita buat, susah macam mana pun, kalau kita dah suka, suka juga kan? sama la, macam mana tensen nya ngadap budak2 ala2 'foreign country' nih, sebab dah suka, terima je laa... hehehe...

* ainul AB * said...

Betul tu sya, tak semua... cume bile dengar ckp2 org, tu yg tak berape sedap tu. Org kata Serdang ok, tapi Hosp.Jengka... masyaAllah, hampeh. Kesian kat kakak aku bersalin kat ctu dulu. Aritu mase ayah aku sakit pun same gak, bleh buat tak peduli time org nazak, diorg bleh buat bodo aje. Meletups la kitorg anak beranak. Ada pakcik katil sebelah tu pun same... kesian aku tengok sampai dah terketar2, nurse tak bg rawatan langsung, alasan dia "doktor takde". Kitorg transferkan ayah ke PPUM, baru puas hati + dekat. Alhamdulillah dah ok. Harap2 aku tak bersalin awal le, bior le abih kenduri dulu & dah balik KL balik, hehe...