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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Emir Wahid Asyraf - II

Poor little Asyraf. He has suffered a lot because of human negligence. That nursery intended to sue my friends due to their action of bringing this upfront by lodging a police report. I guess Wardah & Wahiddin have made a right decision. Let the truth be told. I think they are the one who should sue them, not being sued!

How hard... how sad they were, doctor estimated 3 chances; (1) pass away (2) will recover but blind (3) will recover but flaw... Let me add the 4th one: will fully recovered as normal.

As for now, syukur ke hadrat Illahi, Asyraf has been fully concious. Last Tuesday, he was able to breath by his own. Oxygen mask has been removed. After a +ve improvement shown within 24 hours, he has been discharged from ICU to Paed ward. He is now much better and cheerer.

The good news is he is able to breastfeeding, he enjoys it and doesn't want to let 'it' go. Non-stop. Seems like he misses his ibu very-very much. His appetite is amazingly improved. Today, an eye specialist will come to check his eye condition. Let's pray for him.

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sya said...

eh, kenapa dengan anak kawan ko tu? jatuh ke apa? aku buka blog dia tak de update pun...

macam mana dia sekarang? kesiannya... sedihnya aku baca ni...