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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kakak kakakkk

Alhamdulillah, our beloved daughters, Adrianna and Aleesya are fine, healthy, smarter, chubbier, prettier... Adrianna is 2yrs 8mths & 3wks old. Her height is more than my half with 21kg in weight (Sorry sayang, am not able to lift you up anymore). People always surprise when we say that she is not even 3 yet. They thought that she is 8 or 9 years old. That make sense since her current shirt size is 9 or 10.

Adrianna is consistently consumes Enfa milk since born, form Enfalac A+ to Enfagrow A+. We're so satisfy with it as it shows a rapid development in her learning progress. It is tremendously marvelous and fast (this is not a promo for MeadJohnson ya!). She loves to drink milk. She took it every 2 hours till 2 yrs old until one day, her pediatrician advised us to limit it up to 3 times a day only. She hardly eat at that time. Doctor afraids that she wont' get sufficient nutrients from the natural foods. Furthermore, she is quite big for her age, so milk should be reduced as it might leads her to obesity. At the beginning, it was really hard to encourage her to eat. Whenever she wants milk, we'll say NO.

It sounds cruel, isn't it? But when she didn't get the milk that she wanted, she'll feel hungry, therefore she'll eat. And believe me, it works. Now, she eats healthy foods. She takes rice, fish, chicken, carrot, selected green vegetables, fruits, pasta, pizza... but junkfoods, ice-cream, jellies or colorful candies are totally disallowed, and she obeys that *(^_^)* Good girl! She'll say "Ibu, yang ni tak boleh makan".

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