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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today, I have a feeling so called blues... How nice if today is a holiday, haha... Next long holiday is another 3 weeks to come. We're planning to go to Jengka on this coming CNY. The last we've been there - during hari raya aidilfitri, it's 3 months plus ago.

Last Sunday, during check-up, doctor cannot scan due to crowded patients. She doesn't have time for that. So, I need to come again this Saturday for scanning and sugar testing. I have a problem of weight gain which I think is quite serious... I gained an average of 2kg++ per month. I am 77.5kg in weight now. Hopefully, everything is fine. During my 1st pregnancy, I was surprisingly increased 26kg. After delivered, I only managed to lose 20kg, while the rest 6kg remains as lemak tepu! So, this time, I really hope that it will not increase up to 80kg. It's hard to monitor even I actually eat just a moderate amount of carbo/rice and consume more vege & protein. Doctor suspects that it may caused by hormone changes in my body due to pregnancy.

Hmm.. talking about the scan, for 7-month old pregnancy, I should already know what the gender of my baby is, but until now, I still didn't! Because everytime we scan, he/she was 'hiding', sitting and covering what he/she has. For the preparation, it's not much as we plan to re-use whatever we have (Adrianna's), and we also bought several new shirts which is universal - not specific for a boy nor girl. Adrianna loves to kiss my tummy and call her adik "babyyy", and after that she will pointing to her own, saying that she has a baby too.

This pic was taken on June'08 during our 4d3n vacation at Kuantan Tembeling Resort. Bestnya!
... and this one was at Lumut, days after at Kuantan. We had a week off before I joined new company. Bestnya pegi vacation!

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sya said...

ainul, sama le kita.. lepas bersalin, turunnya sikit aje... banyak yang tertinggal.. hehehe...