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Friday, January 2, 2009

It's 2009

Cheer your day up! It's 2009 already. Let's make this year happier, cheerer & brighter. I wish to accomplish things that's uncompleted before plus several new aims. I'm too shy to disclose it here but somehow, there's a few things that I really want to do:
#1: Standard - become a good ibu to my little princess Adrianna Sofea, a good daughter to my parents & a good wife to my dear Shaizwan la... solehah.
#2: I want to open a saving account for Adrianna at Tabung Haji. InsyaAllah.
#3) Vacation - I want to go to Cameron Highlands again... Wish can go to an island, any! I've only been in 2 islands - Penang (island jugak kan!) & Langkawi.
#4: I want to further studies (uncertainly when).
#5: I wish that I will deliver my new baby in normal & natural way. Wish he/she will be fine & healthy too.
#6: Back to shape after delivered, perhaps get back the ideal weight mcm zaman bujang2 dulu... hehe...
#7: I want to learn more & more about java programming language. Be an expert!
#8: I want to buy Pooh and friends costumes for my little baby to birth... hihihi...
#9: Tidy up our 3rd room & clear the utility room.
#10: I want to renew my driving license - tak sedar dead last month.
#11: I wish I can meet my old friends during my school & university time, but am not willing to be the organizer of the reunion, hehe... anyone?
#12: I want to visit Wardah. I really want to see her newborn baby boy.

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