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Friday, January 9, 2009

Boycott campaign

I found these links, listing all of the America and Israel brands in the market: and

It's hard to admit that we are using most of the brands since a long time ago & comfortable with it. For instance, we've been eating Maggi since we're in hostels, KFC, Mc'D, shop at Carrefour, bought Disney shirts & dolls, Huggies diapers & Johnson2 for Adrianna & watch Nat Geo. We did indirect funding to these syaitan & iblis all this while.

But someone needs help! We can't hear their bare voices but I believe deep inside their broken heart, they are dying for help. I can't stand looking at the pictures in newspapers, blogs etc about the cruelty of Israel. Children were buried alive, peoples were bombed and fired, and the missiles hit their city like heavy rains. Israelis are extremely heartlessness!!! They intentionally want to destroy Palestinians and conquer the land. Na'uzubillah. We must stop them!!!

Thus, we need to decide what other brand that we can use to replace whatever in the list. We need to make a move now. We are an ordinary human being, we have no special position to speak & act against Israel. What we can do is pray to Allah, and with this 'little' actions of boycotting, hope this will be able to stop these syaitan & iblis from being cruel not just to Palestine, but also to Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan & others, indirectly may ruin their plan to become the "hero" (worst terrorist ever) of the universe!

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sya said...

huhuhu... aku pun banyak jugak menggunakan barangan keluaran 'syaitan yang direjam' tuh.. huggies (camne nak tukar nih???), mcd, kengkadang maggi, kfc, coke, nestle, dah lah separuh dari baju darwisy dari disney.. adoi.. teruknya aku nih.. ainul, thanks for the info..