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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am totally distracted with this picture. Israelis are so damn cruel. They're men without heart. What can we do to help Palestinean? Tun Dr Mahathir encourages us to boycott US and Israel goods. This is to pressure US to stop supporting Israel’s attacks on Palestine. He said that Israel is the biggest persimmon (pisang kaki) exporter in the world. Alamak, I like pisang kaki! and last night, we just had Mc'Donald for dinner. Opss! We need to be more alert after this.

Today is the 10th day of the war, and more than 500 Palestineans have died. Most of them are children & women who I believe were innocent. Obama is expecting to remain the previous US policy supporting Israel. He is expecting to pull back the armies in Iraq but would not change any over Israel. Jahat giler!

Tun Dr.mahathir said as the KL Foundation to Criminalise War:
The boycott will have to be a universal effort. If confined to Malaysia alone, it is not going to be effective but Malaysians must also play their part. We must not allow ourselves to be cowed. Even if we do little things, I think we can achieve quite a lot".

There are opinions that the fight between the Israelis and Palestinians is about religion. The crisis is not a religious struggle between Muslims and Jews. It is a fight about territorial issue,” he said.

Yeah, this is not about religion. We should see this as terrorism issue. US claims that they are against terrorist (hero konon!) but the real truth is THEY ARE TERRORISTS. As an ordinary human being, I have no special post to do anything against Israel, I just can pray to Allah, hope that all of this war will stop immediately, may we live in peace & happy. The responsible person should be punished!

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sya said...

aku sokong..
sebenarnya, semenjak israel menyerang lagi, aku dah tak tengok berita kat tv/baca suratkhabar.. bukan apa, tiap kali aku tengok kang meleleh air mata... aku tak leh tengok mangsa2 nih especially kanak2.. memang sedih gila... kejam lah diorang ni.. kadang2 aku fikir, tak pe lah, diorang meninggal dunia, sekurang2nya diorang tak terseksa hidup dalam ketakutan... Allah maha mengetahui.. jom kita doa ramai2... semoga keganasan ni dihentikan dan semoga israel dapat pembalasan...