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Friday, December 19, 2008

Aidiladha 2008

Hmm... hope it's not too late to talk about this recent Aidiladha. These are the pics, could say as the chronology of korban event on last 10th Zulhijjah 1429H which was held at Manjung. Whole family involved, taking the whole seven parts of the cow. Credit to my sis-in-law: bride-to-be for the pics...

<<--- And... this was the most 'tragic' one.
Abah took parts of the meat and mak did some great cook such as hati masak pedas and kurma daging... but since my husband and I need to get back to work on the next day, so we need to go back to Subang that night exhaustedly (my hubby la) after had a fight with the white cow that morning. That was our first time involved in ibadah korban and Alhamdulillah it went smoothly.

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siti said...

salam ainul :)
ha ah dh hbis..insyallah awal tahun depan akan kembali ke malaysia :)