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Monday, December 15, 2008

One's Birthday

Yesterday was Wan's birthday. 14th December 2008. Happy birthday to my beloved Wan and may Allah bless u alwizzz and alwizzz. Be the very best husband to me, the very best ayah to Adrianna and our baby-to-birth. We love you ayah!!!

This cheese cake is very delicious. I bought from a friend of mine, kakZai who is currently an active homemade cakes maker. Adrianna loves it as much as Wan & me do. Yummy!!!


sya said...

hahaha, birthday husband pun bulan december jugak? anniversary pun december jugak? sama lah kita... tapi birthday husband, 23rd dec... :)

june said...

hepy bezday cik wan. Tua dah ye. heheh