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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I finally 'found' her!

Syukur Alhamdulillah... today, I am very happy. I've been searching for her since years ago. Last we met on early of 2002 when she came to Shah Alam. Since then, all I knew that she studied at UPSI till suddenly we lost contact - she can't be contacted actually. All of our friends do not know where she is, how's she doing... Once, we lived at the same college, same floor, same class... we talked everyday about everything. I miss those sweet memories as much as I miss her. Whenever I meet my ex-classmates, the first question that I will asked, "do u have her contact number?"... but none of them know. Fuhhh... such a tremendous jejak kasih! I surfed her name in the internet whenever I free, but the result is zero, but that never stopped me to keep searching and searching. The power of friendship brings me to surf again this afternoon, until I finally found her name in the net with her phone number plus her school name. Yeah, I know she is a teacher but do not know her exact location. I then dialed the number and when I heard the first word "hello".. I knew that was her!

She: Hello
Me: Hello, ni kak nurah ke?
She: Ehhhh, ni ainul ke? (shocked)
Me: Ha ah...

Then, our conversation started. Both recognized each other's voices. Amazing! Both are searching for each other. We glad we 'met' on the phone. Can't wait to meet her face to face. She's actually coming to KL next month. Hope to see her soon. The person is Haznurah Zainon.

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sya said...

bestnya dapat jumpa kak nurah. kitorang yang satu upsi dulu pun jarang jumpa... kalau dapat jumpa dia nanti, kirim salam ye...