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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good bye 2008

Time is gold. Time goes by so fast without we noticed that it's the end of 2008. Everyone is getting older. We have hopes & aims. All accomplished tasks are marked as victories & any unaccomplished may be proceeded in the next period. I believe all are faded, we never know what's gonna happen next but we may plan for it and put an effort to let it happen, if we really want it to. What happened to me this year:
Jan - Had a few wishes... aim of 2008.
Feb - tak ingat la!
Mar - I received a salary adjustment. It's good.
Apr - I resigned at Dagang Net to pursue a better career path after 3 years (my first job).
May - First time in Bahau for Niza's passing out as a policewoman. Adrianna's 1st time on the beach. Wan get promoted.
Jun - Have a 4d3n vacation at Kuantan Tembeling Resort, Pahang.
Jul - I started work at MNC Wireless Berhad.
Aug - I am 2 in 1. Expecting for second baby. Adik Pi engaged.
Sept - What a very tough fasting month during 1st trimester!
Oct - Celebrate hari raya Aidilfitri at Jengka & Seri Manjung.
Nov - Adrianna admitted because of acute bronchiolitis. World war III.
Dec - First time ever doing korban during Aidiladha 2008 at Manjung. Went to Perlis after 3 years. Re-touch with old friend, kak Nurah.

Overall, 2008 is very tough. Career transition, pregnant and vacations. Day to day, Adrianna is getting cleverer and banyak akal! Proud to hear she can clearly count between 1 to 10 in both malay & english. She loves reading as well as singing. InsyaAllah, ibu & ayah pray that Adrianna will become a good person, smart and solehah.

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