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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Perlis & Teluk Batik

It was a long weekend but seemed so short! Started on Friday night, right after work, we went to Seri Manjung, arrived on 10.30pm

Saturday on 11am - long journey to Perlis, arrived at 4pm, not managed to find any hotel. Searched around Kuala Perlis (ate laksa for a while), Kangar, Arau, back to Kangar and... at last caught a homestay at Beseri around 7pm, about 1km from the bride's house. Exhausted tahap gaban, that night wan bought us nasi bungkus for dinner.

Sunday 11am, went to the wedding ceremony & around 3 o'clock, we went to Padang Besar for a quite rush shopping. What a crowd! It's expected - public holiday! Then, around 6pm, we heading towards my adopted family's house at Kg.Dato' Kayaman near Mata Ayer. Around 8.15pm, need to start our long journey home, and 1.15am arrived at Manjung. Everybody collapsed then. My husband, adrianna & I only woke up at 10.30am! Really terribly tido mati.

Monday, after bed - Adrianna voiced out her special request to go to Teluk Batik, "nak mandi laut"... but it was raining outside until 3pm. Fortunately, the rain stopped. Not to let Adrianna down, she was extremely excited when I told her, "Jom!"... We went to Teluk Batik, mandi-manda, and stopped on 6pm to go to Giant to shop. And finally went home on 7pm. Argh, with a syndrome named 'l.a.z.y', we packed our things, have dinner and went out around 9pm and reached home (Subang) at 12 midnight. Adrianna slept all the way until this morning.

It was fun, but wish could have one more day to take a rest. Two more days to go for another holiday. New year is coming!

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