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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our 3rd Anniversary

Today is Shaizwan & Ainul's 3rd wedding anniversary. InsyaAllah, we hope for the best and very best in our relationship - happy always and always - till the end of our breaths... May Allah bless us & pour His rezeki all the times.

Our important dates:
(1) We declared - 22nd March 2001
(2) We enganged - 22nd May 2005
(3) We nikah - 10th December 2005
(4) Our wed reception at Jengka - 18th February 2006
(5) Our wed reception at Manjung - 04th March 2006
(6) Our 1st baby was born - 18th November 2006
(7) Shaizwan's birthday - 14th December 1980
(8) Ainul's birthday - 11th October 1981


wardah said...

Semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat...ameen ya rabb!!

sya said...

ainul, anniversary kita selang sehari je, kan? happy 3rd anniversary! :)

Anonymous said...

salam ainul

hepi 3rd anniversary. semoga berbahagia selalu. emm bezday wan sama la ngn bezday my hubby. kim slm wan. wish hin hepi bezday


* ainul AB * said...

Salam Sya,
Ooo ye ke, leh la celebrate sesame. Hepi anniversary to u too.

Salam June,
Kebetulan same pulak birthday cik abang kite, hehe...