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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sisterhood Award

This is my first time receiving an award from a blogger, a friend of mine named Sya. She is my ex-classmate at UiTM Arau, in year 1999-2001. Thanks a lot Sya for the "Sisterhood Award".

Now, I would like to dedicate this award to my female friends who are also bloggers (sikitnya yg jadi blogger):
1) Wardah : ex-classmate at high school (1994)
2) June : ex-classmate at UiTM Arau (1999)
3) Eey : ex-housemate at Pandan Jaya (2005)
4) Bedah : ex-classmate at UiTM Shah Alam (2001)
5) Kak Zai : chef; ex-officemate at Dagang Net (2005)

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