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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Week 39

I am in week 39 now. I am recently decreased in weight which doctor stated as an early sign of labor. To note, I have 'shrank' from 83kg to 81.7kg. Not sure how much baby has put weight but for sure, am feel tremendously 'heavier' from time to time especially at tummy area, which caused me to have 3 days MC from last Monday to Wednesday because of low back pain.

Honestly, I can't wait... sooner is better!!!

And today... with a strong heart, body and soul, I managed to come to the office... and update this blog *(^_^)*

1 comment:

sya said...

wah, wah.. tak sabarnya kan... rasa macam penantian yang tak berkesudahan.. pas tu bila tengah2 sakit nak bersalin tu, mula la terasa, alamak, dah nak bersalin ke? :P

ok ainul, aku doakan semuanya berjalan lancar dan selamat... amin.