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Monday, March 23, 2009

Still standing

Still standing with a 'big ball' attaching to my belly...

We missed yesterday's date which is our anniversary (we declared). Looks like baby don't want to come out yet even the ibu is soooooo impatient to set her belly free. No wonder when come to this age of fetus, most ibu-ibu think that they're going to pregnant forever.

This 2-3 days weather really irritating, very hot and sweaty. We need 2-horsepower aircond at the living hall. Reason to be, it's because yesterday we had set up a single bed and a baby cot (adrianna's used to be) at the living area. I'll lay there for a period of time, therefore no need to go up and down for meal, shower, nap and etc.

Contractions come and go several times last night, thought that it's going to be happen this morning... perhaps today??? I don't know... but the instinct says "yes" (tapi since last week lagi dah... hahaha). Just wait and see. Hope everything will be fine, InsyaAllah. Thanks to all my dear families and friends who pray the best for me and baby.


♥ me ♥ said...

take care kak.ainul :)
tak sabar nak tengok adik adrianna :)


wardah said...

dah dekat la tu..apa2 bgtau ek! sy doakan semoga semua berjalan lancar..ameen ya rabb!!

sya said...

hahaha, memang kan?
rasa macam, ya Allah, macam baby tak nak keluar2.. hehehe

tak pe, sabar ainul, nanti bila dah keluar, mesti rasa rindu pulak nak tengok perut yang bulat tu... :)