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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Baby 2

Big baby in the stroller. At Sogo, looking for Wan's shoe (01/01/09). Sometimes, when I ask Adrianna, "Kita nak pegi mana ni?", she'll reply "Nak pegi shopping mall"... Big baby want to go shopping! If it's a cool and nice place, it's fine but if it's a hot area and too crowded like night market, she'll be not sooo happy & feel uncomfortable.

Adrianna at the playground @ Mc'D Kota Damansara. Pic on Jan 05, 2009 (that's before the boycott campaign). Usually when we pass by here, she'll request to stop a while; to play. But since the boycott plan started, sorry... no more Mc'D!!!

On Jan 10, we went to Kyra's 1st birthday party at Selayang. Kyra is a daughter of Wan's friend. Had akikah on that day. The mutton curry was seriously yummy! Love it. They cooked it by themselves. Adrianna received some playtools as in the pic, she's wearing birthday cap and blowing the wistle.

Adrianna's favourite, teh tarik. "Adrianna minum air tarik"... haha. At a restaurant, having dinner on Jan 22. I noticed that she likes teh tarik when one day I ordered a glass and she asked for a little, and then more and more. Sedut punya sedut, habis segelas! Need to order another glass for me.

This pic taken on Jan 28. Got so many mosquito bites on her face & arms. We just went back from Jengka the previous week. Jengka's mosquitos are very smart. They 'steal' our blood while we're watching tv even during daytime. In this pic, Adrianna and her ayah were karaoke-ing "Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta", which is one of her favourite.

Just another photo of Adrianna taken on Feb 1. Still can see her mosquito bite scar on her left cheek. Adrianna has a sensitive skin. Those darken scars are really bad.

On Feb 4 - Went to a market. Adrianna playing in the 'car'. By the age of 3, I think she'll be no longer can fit the seat lah! Her long legs sure will get stuck.

Adrianna, 8/2 at Teluk Batik. One of her mandatory request whenever we're at Manjung... "Nak mandi laut". Is taken just right after swimmed. Tired already but still energetic bringing her pelampung around. The yellow circle one stucked at her hip, so atuk bought her a new orange one, boat-shaped. Excited le dia!

Adrianna, 20/2 at Giant Kota Damansara, having dinner. She is getting better posing in front of the camera. Got improvement on that. In this pic, she was 2 years, 3 months and 2 days old. 97cm in height and 19kg in weight. Ibu and ayah's big baby is getting bigger, chubbier, smarter and banyak akal! Anyhow, thanks God Alhamdulillah, let everything goes smoothly and well.

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